Air Tray

For Shipping Casketed Remains

    One Piece 3/8" Plywood Bottom
    1" x 4" Pine Framing
    Double Wall Corrugated Dome
    Eight 2" Wide handles for easy carrying
    Metal corners for stability and strength
    Shipped with packing envelope and casket cover
Adult32 in.87 in.23 in.50 lbs.
Oversize38 in.92 in.32 in.70 lbs.
Youth26 in.64 in.19 in.35 lbs.
Child22 in.48 in.18 in.25 lbs.
Infant20 in.38 in.18 in.20 lbs.
“Ziegler”24 in.85 in.15 in.35 lbs.